segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2017

She is far away

She is far away
Not a thing so new
We've met so long ago
She shows a smile every day

She is so happy
A rich lady for sure
Conquer the world with grace
Grace, power and secure

So smart
She doesn't know
One day she'll listen
I love you so!

So far away
So different though
Oceans and seas
The words flow

Some days I say
A shy hello
Wait a minute
She loves, bro
She's far away
Answering my show.

Francisco Braz Neto (13/02/2017) 

Eu sou o fotógrafo!

Eu sou o fotógrafo!
Essa foto me enche de orgulho. Eu acho que ficou perfeita.